Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dream Big

I always said I wouldn't lose sight of my blog, I promised I would maintain a consistency of posts from week to week, and for the past few months I have lost the purpose of my original goal. Weeks pass, and although I mean to blog at some point, I have no determination to. However, today in school through a school assembly was I able to pick up the pieces of my neglected writing.

As part of a service learning project done by two students, a speaker from the organization, Rachel's Challenge visited Salem High School. For those that don't know, Rachel's challenge is a nation wide program that tells of the remarkable story of Columbine victim Rachel Scott. Not only do students learn about Rachel's foundation for compassion and kindness, but truly learn how to make a difference in their high school as well as instills the want in students to have a positive influence.

Throughout the presentation, the speaker would occasionally tell a story or two about people who have approached him following various assemblies. When talking about the importance of setting goals as Rachel did, he recalled the time when Michael Jordan had spoken with him following his presentation. From his back pocket, Jordan revealed a journal. In the journal was an endless list of goals he wished to accomplish. The ones that had been accomplished were highlighted in yellow, and the ones that were not yet obtained remained in black ink. Jordan started the journal the day after he was cut from his high school basketball team. The speaker gives a statement Jordan used during their conversation, "We can't lose sight of our goals. We have to teach these kids to dream big again." As part of the program, the importance of setting goals for oneself is taught. Although not the message of the program, there can be no success without an initial goal.

I guess under the circumstances, I'm dreaming big again.

For more information on Rachel's Challenge please visit their website: