Sunday, August 22, 2010

And With The First Selection In The 2010 Draft...

In an endless world of sports comes an endless world of opinions on sports. With every action and outcome in sports comes a reaction of those who watch. Every Average Joe out there that watches sports or at least has  an interest knows that their opinion differs from the next Average Joe. So one would think, that a sixteen year old aspiring writer, that both plays and watches sports must have an opinion like the rest of them.
This is undoubtably true.
With every pitch, pass, and punt follows an opinion only moments after being concocted in this very head. There is only one thing in this world that makes my mind tick in such a way, sports.

There is only one purpose and one purpose only of this blog and that is to practice. I was told on countless occasions "no newspaper or magazine will hire a sports writer that doesn't know how to write". If one day I wish to become a writer, a little practice is needed. Hopefully, at some point the practice pays off.  As said before, every watcher of sports has an opinion, mine can be found here. From soccer pitches in England to baseball stadiums in California, I am likely to have an opinion.

The way I see it, everyone needs to start somewhere. Athletes and writers alike all start somewhere. Athletes in backyards and playing fields and writers at desks or on computers. My career starts here, on the blog.

I suppose no progress is made without criticism, comments, or God forbid complaints. I  am looking forward to reading comments from anyone who has the interest in reading. Hopefully, this post is only the first of many as I hope to begin an endless chain of sports blogging.



  1. Daniel! This is really cool! I think you are going to be a great sports writer...and if not, then you will no longer be considered an "A lister" haha JUST will always be an "A lister" because only the cool cousins are.

  2. Read it, liked it.
    Great beginning. Keep them coming

  3. Danny,
    Just read the blog- obviously. You're already a fairly talented writer, so I'd say that this is a genius way to hone your skills. Not to mention the possibility of attracting a following/some attention.

    Just remember to take the comments, criticism (which, hopefully, is constructive) and the complaints in stride. Oh, and just one piece of advice-one that still hasn't sunk in with Michael- edit, edit edit! ... before you post.

    Nice work, keep it up.